Fire Curtains – HAG Shutter and Grilles extends its already impressive Fire Protection Range

In certain industrial and commercial situations, extra fire protection is absolutely essential – both from a safety and financial/insurance point of view. Specialist fire curtains can retard the spread of fire more effectively than standard steel curtains or shutters, in those situations where the risk from fire is greatest. For example, across kitchen servery hatches, in schools, offices and department stores, where fire damage and spread needs to kept under control.

So, what are they made of and how do fire curtains work?

Fire curtains can be made from a range of fire retardant materials. The products manufactured and fitted by HAG are made from stainless steel wire and reinforced glass fabric in steel guides, bottom rail and box housing.

This combination offers the best in fire protection and is capable of withstanding high temperatures, and other gases and emissions associated with fire. Housed in a ceiling void (to make sure it is inconspicuous whilst not in use), the heavy bottom bar attached to the curtain will descend, when deployed, to block the opening and slow down the spread of the fire.

Each of HAG’s fire curtains, offers two full hours of fire protection to BS476: Part 22 1987 & BSEN 1634-1:2008.

Once used, the curtain will retract back into its opening. HAG’s fire curtains come in a matt grey finish.

Do I need specialist fire protection?

Many people ask whether they need specialist protection – why not just use normal steel shutters? Fire curtains offer increased protection because they are:

  • more efficient at containing heat than steel – steel is a conductor and could exacerbate any problems and risk from fire;
  • compact and unobtrusive; they are invisible when not in use;
  • quieter to deploy and operate;
  • specifically designed to be a fail-safe barrier, when required; and
  • more reliable than steel shutters, which were designed for multiple uses – security and fire protection. These shutters are specifically designed to manage the issue of fire protection only.

What about maintenance?

It is essential to undertake regular maintenance for this fire curtain, due to the significance of the protection this product offers. There is a legal responsibility placed upon the owner of any fire protection to ensure it is in correct working order at the time it is deployed. Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, you are required to undertake testing in line with safety standard BS5588-12.

Any issues with your fire protection can also invalidate your buildings and/or contents insurance – so always make sure your products are in good working order.

Your HAG engineer will work with you to devise a maintenance schedule, making sure your products are always ‘fire-ready’.

So, do you need specialist fire protection? If the answer is yes, you need to call a reputable supplier of fire protection products.

HAG Shutters and Grilles has an extensive range of products designed specifically for this purpose, from Steel Doors, to Shutters and Curtains, so give us a call today to discuss your individual needs and make sure you choose the right product for you.

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Roller Shutters and Security Grilles. Do I need planning permission?

roller shutter planning permissionUnfortunately, there really is no simple answer to this question. Individual councils and local authorities will have specific policies relating to shop fronts, and place certain constraints upon the types of industrial doors, roller shutters or security grilles which may be installed and where.

So, where do you start?

The first thing to do is contact a reputable and experienced company who are experts in the design and installation of industrial doors, security grilles and roller shutters. The experienced team at HAG Shutters and Grilles will be more than happy to help and advise you in the first instance. Paying you a site visit means that our installation team will be able to recommend the right solution for you, taking into account their experience of working in the area, before you embark on a planning campaign!

The second thing you must do is contact your local authority. Exterior shutters which are fitted to retail premises either on the high street or in shopping centres, in most cases will require planning permission; but it is always advisable to check with your local council about the type and style of installation usually allowed.

Always be aware of where your premises are – are you in a conservation area? Are there any regulations which may apply directly to your building – is it a listed building? Both of these cases will require specific planning permissions (e.g Listed Consent) which may be more difficult to get and place greater restrictions on what security solutions are available to you.

Most authorities will take the following issues very seriously:

• High standard of shop front design – aesthetics
• Quality of the local environment – attract shoppers and visitors
• Security – understand the need for retailers to keep their premises safe
• Fire regulations – shutters can affect escape in the event of a fire
• Creation of ‘dead’ frontages – attracts graffiti

Security grilles are universally more likely to be accepted than flat or closed shutters. The grilles’ design allows greater visibility into the premises, which gives a more open feel which is much more attractive than shutters.

Did you know that roller grilles can also be installed internally? Internal grilles are a great way to combine the security you need with the open and attractive feel the planners demand. And, perhaps best of all – they can usually be installed without the need for Planning Permission.

So, you could avoid the whole planning process all together!

Many councils now offer interactive portals on their websites so you can check online whether you need planning permission – Bristol City Council have an interesting version at

If you’re still not sure of your situation and would like to discuss your options with one of our experienced team, please give us a call or drop us a line.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our full range of industrial doors, shutters and grilles contact us now.

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HAG Security Grille foils break in attempt

HAG Grille Prevents Burglary

HAG Grille Prevents Burglary

Check out the pictures of one of our security grilles after foiling an attempted break in…

View a previous attack demonstration View Demo

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HAG Guide to servicing your Industrial Doors, Roller Shutters and Security Grilles – Part Two

Roller Shutter maintenance

Roller Shutter maintenance

We’ve already discussed what you need to be aware of, and what you can do, to keep your Industrial Doors, Roller Shutters and Security Grilles in great shape. This instalment of our guide details what your HAG Industrial Door Engineer will do to take that maintenance a step further and keep your Industrial Doors compliant under current legislation and ensure your industrial doors are safe and well.

Maintenance of your industrial doors is essential to ensure you comply with your responsibilities under Health and Safety Act 1974, and that your industrial doors are safe to use.

Generic Maintenance of all rolling shutters, grilles and industrial doors:

Rolling Shutters/Grilles
Level three maintenance – to be undertaken by your HAG Industrial Door Engineer

Your HAG Engineer will undertake certain initial inspections to check for immediate wear and tear:

Inspect the industrial door; hardware; guides; brackets and barrel assembly. They will pay particular attention to the bracket plates which hold the barrel and coiled curtain and report any damage for immediate and urgent repair.

Hardware and tracks
We will check all the fixings, nuts and bolts and will secure and tighten these where necessary and clean old grease from all the locking bolts and re-lubricate if required.

NOTE: Don’t use grease on securoglide shutters, your HAG Industrial Door Engineer will be able to advise you on what lubrication sprays are available and suitable for your Industrial Door set.

Checks will take place that the doorstops at the top of the guides are not twisted and are always secure and that the bottom rail is always in complete and proper contact with them.

Maintenance of the curtain is essential and your HAG Engineer will conduct a number of checks:
• Endlocks – checking that these are present and secure
• Straighten and secure – where necessary
• Paying particular attention to windlocks
• Check that the curtain fixings attached to the barrel are safe and secure
• There is no damage to the top lath
• Check for free operation of the wicket door (if fitted)
• Clamping and locking mechanisms
• Oil the hinges.

If you are concerned about any aspect of the operation of your industrial doors, call your HAG Engineer immediately.

Barrel and counterbalance assembly
The counterbalance is essential to the smooth operation of your industrial door, and we will check it by conducting the following checks:
• Lubricate barrel/shaft bearings; apply grease
• Grease hand chain gears
• Clean the hand chain
• Check the operation and balance of the industrial door through its full range of movement
• Gears should run free with no tight spots

If the tension needs altering, your HAG Engineer will be able to adjust this for you – please do not attempt to make any tension changes yourself, just give us a call and speak to an industrial door specialist.

We will check the reliability of all weatherseals and re-secure as necessary.

Electric operators and controls
On speed doors we will check the motor torque bolt assembly – you will need to make arrangement for this to be changed after every 80,000 operations – your HAG Engineer will be able to advise you.

Call us now or click here for more information.

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HAG Industrial Doors at Hinkley Point

Industrial Doors at Hinkley Point

Industrial Doors at Hinkley Point

As Hinkley Point A power station is being decommissioned, HAG Industrial Doors, Roller Shutters and Grilles is awarded the contract to maintain its industrial doors as it is being wound down – security is still obviously of paramount importance on the site.

But that’s not the end of the story. Consultation re-opened this week on plans to prepare the ground around the site for the build of a new nuclear power station – Hinkley Point C – the site’s third nuclear reactor.

But, as always when nuclear power is under the spotlight, there is lots of opposition from those living close to the site…although it would seem people care less about this third reactor than they have about previous installations at Hinkley.

Sedgemoor District Council says that the previously packed public consultation events in Bridgwater on EDF Energy’s plans have not been as well attended as those in the smaller surrounding villages.

So, are people becoming used to the idea of nuclear energy being produced at Hinkley – do local people have Nuclear Protest fatigue? We’ll have to wait and see.

But whatever happens at Hinkley, HAG Industrial Doors will be onsite carrying out maintenance checks and conducting repairs to make sure Site A’s Industrial Doors are in full working order . And hopefully, as the onsite contractor, they’ll also fit all the new industrial doors at Hinkley Point C, when (if?) construction commences once EDF Energy’s plans are passed.

For more information about this and other HAG Industrial Doors, Roller Shutters and Grilles‘ projects, please visit

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Your handy HAG Guide to servicing your Industrial Doors, Roller Shutters and Security Grilles – Part One

Roller Shutter maintenance

Roller Shutter maintenance

Maintenance of your industrial doors is essential; not only to keep them in tip top condition, but to ensure you comply with your responsibilities under Health and Safety Act 1974, and that your industrial doors are safe.

So, HAG Industrial Doors Shutters and Grilles has designed a guide to help you keep your Industrial Doors, Roller Shutters and Security Grilles in great shape.

Part One focuses on a general guide to maintaining your Industrial Doors, Roller Shutters and Security Grilles. Our next instalments will focus on individual products and the specialist treatment needed for each item.


How often do I need to service my industrial doors?

  • This depends on how often the industrial doors get used and general wear and tear. Use the following table as a guide:
Door Cycles, per day Recommended Maintenance
1 – 14 12 months
Up to 15 6 months
Up to 30 4 months
Up to 45 3 months
Over 45 2 months
  • Industrial Doors designed for very high frequency use should be calculated to the individual requirements and your HAG surveyor/engineer can help you design a maintenance schedule to suit you.
  • Although it is perfectly safe to conduct certain levels of maintenance on your industrial doors yourself, you should never interfere with any of the components of your product that are under tension – this should only ever be attempted by your HAG surveyor/engineer.


  • On a daily basis, you should ensure that:
    • There is no visible damage to the industrial door;
    • Excessive force is not required to operate the industrial door;
    • All accessible components of the industrial door are clean and free from dust;
    • Any bottom tracks are kept free from debris by regular cleaning;
    • You are fully aware of all the operating instructions and Safety Instructions supplied with your industrial door;
    • There are no strange noises when operating your industrial door.
  • Any unusual signs identified now, can help to avoid costly repairs later.


  • Every two months, your HAG engineer should carry out the following checks on top on the Level One checks:
    • Check that all fixing bolts, screws and bolts are tight.
    • Generally clean the faces of the industrial doors.
    • Wipe any excess grease off the tracks.
    • Check operation of any shoot bolts and locks; also chains or hand chain wheels.
    • Clean any hand chains – do not grease or oil hand chains or hand chain wheels.

Further maintenance (LEVEL THREE MAINTENANCE) should only ever be conducted by a HAG Approved Installation team.

Call us now or click here for more information.

Our next instalment will be on LEVEL THREE MAINTENANCE on our individual products.

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HAG help specifying security doors and roller shutters

Alulink Car Park Roller Shutter

Alulink Car Park Roller Shutter

Specifying security doors and roller shutters can be a tricky job when you have to factor in multiple site constraints. HAG Is continuing to help the specifier, Take our steel doors for example. Instead of looking for the door, thinking about the application and creating the whole spec yourselves, we’ve taken out the leg work and done it for you.

By listing the different applications as separate products on our website, the bespoke spec is already there. So, instead of revising the spec from a basic industrial door to your application every time, you just click on the application, and hey presto – there it is!

 Our new Alulink roller shutter has Various features make it perfect for underground and shopping centre car parks, from its high degree of ventilation – nominally 80% free air – to its added strength supplied by its integrated ‘kick-zone’ lower section.

Click here to view the spec for the Alulink Range G1-HD to find out more about the options associated with our car parking products. Have a look around our website and check out all the different applications for our products – you might just be surprised!

From industrial and commercial to the perfect domestic garage door, HAG’s Industrial Doors, Roller Shutters, Grilles and Garage Doors are designed and fitted to exceptionally high standards, so you can always be sure you are getting the best.

New product news coming soon!

 HAG is always looking for new ways to make things easier for our customers. So, we listened to your feedback and have revised the way you can interact and engage with our products to make choosing and buying the right HAG product even smoother.

We’ve also included new applications for our products. Our Alulink Range of roller shutters makes the perfect enclosure for Car Parks, and now, at the click of a button, you can get a bespoke spec with a whole host of optional extras – even an option to check the licence plates of the cars entering and exiting the car park.

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HAG Industrial Doors (Jamie’s Italian) in the heart of Bristol

HAG secures Jamie’s Restaurant
HAG secures Jamie’s Restaurant

Due to open very soon, there is already a full team in place in Bristol – all prepped and ready to start their training. The restaurant will be over three floors with an antipasti counter, fresh pasta machine and ‘bread station’, and a ground-floor delicatessen selling a whole range of exciting foods as well as (obviously!) Jamie Oliver cookbooks and kitchen products.

HAG Roller Shutters was delighted to be given the job of providing a range of industrial doors and roller shutters to the premises, which has taken over half the site formerly occupied by Blackwells bookshop at 89 Park Street.

A corner location with large windows has meant that an attractive Alulink Grille was needed to protect the front and side of the ‘shop front’. This specialist grille is designed to offer high vision, ventilation and a stylish alternative to traditional products – perfect for one of Jamie’s restaurants.

HAG also fitted a C1 industrial door to the rear of the building and a grille to an internal cabinet within the shop area.

You can see HAG’s full range at and click on products.

Paul Dunne, Managing Director of HAG said, “it’s been exciting to work on such high profile projects particularly one which really puts Bristol on the national ‘food’ map!”

Having already been involved in lots of exciting projects, including the Snowdon Visitor Centre and a unique venture with Lego Land Windsor, HAG was the natural choice for Jamie’s restaurant.

If you would like to find out more about this project or any of our products, please get in touch.
Advice Line: 0800 072 3444

Having already opened a string of eight successful authentic Italian restaurants – including sites in Cardiff and Bath – Jamie Oliver is poised to take on Bristol’s diners with a new restaurant on Park Street.

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Graffiti: Vandalism or Art?

Graffitti: Vandalism or Art

With the recent rise of graffiti as an expressive art-form and ‘artists’ such as Banksy hailed as pop culture heroes – his short film ‘Exit through the Gift Shop’ has even been nominated for an Oscar this year – are we legitimising vandalism?

It costs around £850million to keep the country’s streets free from litter and graffiti, with whole communities being ‘terrorised’ by graffiti artists vandalising private property on every high street in Britain. In Brent, London, a ‘vandal’s’ work has cost tax payers more than £1800 and the ‘offender’ was given a three year ASBO – tough enough?

So it seems for every person who calls it art, there is a property owner scrubbing walls and calling it vandalism.

If you own commercial property which is ‘tagged’ – how can you protect yourself?

Security shutters, grilles and industrial doors are the perfect way to protect your shop fronts – they are secure, economical and look good. But if you’re the victim of a tagger, how do you protect your protection?

There are several solutions, one of the most effective being a range of high quality, high spec powder coatings you can use to treat your security shutters, grilles and industrial doors. In fact, these coatings have a wide outdoor use and can even be used for architectural applications, including street furniture.

Polyurethane powder coatings are specially formulated to have superior anti-graffiti properties and when combined with the correct cleaning practices can leave all your outdoor surfaces graffiti/art free – depending on your outlook!

Part of only a small group of companies that work with the top manufacturer of these coatings, HAG UK Ltd, is part of the ‘Service First’ team distributing and applying coatings manufactured by Akzo Nobel.

So, if you have a problem with vandals, graffiti artists, taggers or spray painters, maybe you should get in touch with HAG and discuss how Anti Graffiti Powder Coatings can help protect your business property and your bank balance.

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Flexible Retail System Launches

New Removable Shop Front
New Removable Shop Front

We are proud to launch our new “Flexible Retail System” retail system that allows vacant shopping units to be turned into secure trading shops overnight.Vacant shopping units will portray a negative impression of any shopping precinct or mall. With long term lets at there lowest for several years the battle to cost effectively fill the space short term is essential. The unique System flexibility means a choice of eleven grille designs available in standard powder coat colours, No maximum width span and heights up to 4500mm. This is all encased in a self supporting demountable portal frame structure in light weight aluminium with its fascia powder coated to any existing surroundings. Tenants signs are easily attached and removed with minimal disturbance.

Repositioning of the Flexible retail system unit to a new vacant unit can be completed with in a day or stored for later use. Find out more about the Flexible Retail System.

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