The FT Range of Fire shutters….A more tailored fire resistant product!


New Compact Fire Shutter – Due to advances general fire resistant technology, it is now possible to manufacture a more bespoke roller shutter product so that what used to be a very industrial looking steel system often required in commercial premises can now be more in keeping with the surrounding fixtures and fittings and provide a more suitable level of fire protection and visual compliance.

HAG are pleased  to announce the  launch of a range FT Range of Fire Resistant rollers shutters that provide a more ascetically considerate option to the limited products that had  previously  been available in the roller shutter industry. This is through the use of a tubular electric motor rather then the traditional outside mounted motor.

The  range starts with the FT 01 giving 1 hour protection ,FT 02 2 hours  and FT 04 4 hours and all  products  are certified to BS EN 1634-1 BS 476 part 22 with a tested report  identification code of  WF314225. For full details see 

These new products further compliment the HAG range and are now available to download from

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