HAG Roller Shutters on Albert Square

The soap that everyone is talking about “Eastenders” has recently had an Armouguard C1 roller shutter with a personnel door installed in an eye-catching Aqua blue for the show.

Without giving the plot away, in the upcoming programme when one of the main characters of the show decided to start up a new business in the arches they have roller shutters installed on their new shop front for protection against attackers and intruders.

The installation took place as the show was being filmed, so keep an eye out for our van next to the market stalls and our engineers Pete and Stuart trying to mingle in as extras.

As the shows purchasers know HAG offers the largest range of roller shutters and have held a long standing relationship as a preferred supplier to the BBC, HAG was the obvious choice.

 A recent BBC show HAG assisted in was medical drama “Casualty” when a gang of armed robbers raided the old bank of England in Bristol they emptied the safe of cash and gold, however the last one to leave was trapped by the HAG bespoke roller grille that was closing automatically as the alarms were triggered. (This individual should have read our operation care manual which is available to all customers!) The show aired July 2011.

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